Gaston Interfaith Center

Many people that are part of Open Hearts Gathering are also actively helping to create the Gaston Interfaith Center here in our area. From the “About” page at the website:

This is the Vision Statement for the Gaston Interfaith Center. It describes in good detail what GIC will be about.

“The Gaston Interfaith Center will be a place where people can explore their religious and spiritual paths in dialogue with persons of other faith traditions. By promoting an understanding of other religions, the Center will help build harmony among and appreciation for our many religious communities. We will be a place that is:
Educational- helping people understand, tolerate, and appreciate the different faiths of their neighbors.
Conversational- encouraging discussions on specific faith practices, celebrations, and current events from varying religious perspectives.
Social and Societal- offering service opportunities and other activities that help local communities and neighborhoods.
Creative- featuring presentations by local artists that celebrate our religious traditions.
Collaborative- cooperating with other community and religious groups on activities and issues of social significance.”

We are people from all over the Gaston County, NC area, of every faith and none, striving to know and love our neighbors better.

If you are interested in learning more, and participating in GIC activities and events, please contact Steve Knight- knightopia [at] gmail [dot] com or 704-689-2489.