This Saturday at the Gastonia mosque for Ramadan celebrations!

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We’re in for a treat, friends! Ramadan is a holy month on the Islamic calendar, and we’d like to join our Muslim friends in Gastonia for their celebrations within it. This is one of the many “charisms” (gifts) that we try to embody as Open Hearts Gathering- more understanding and interaction with all our neighbors, of all different faith traditions.


We are going to meetup first at the Starbucks on Cox Road at 7 PM, and go over to the mosque, Masjid Al Islam in Gastonia, from there.


We were able to visit several years ago, and will do so again for Maghrib (sunset prayer), Iftar (the fellowship meal that breaks the daily Ramadan fast), and Isha (night prayer). It is a very educational and spiritual experience, please join us if you can! RSVP at the Facebook event page, and see more info. at the OHG Facebook page. Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there!

-Rev. -DTF

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