Last weekend’s Regional Assembly, and this Saturday’s Discernment

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Hey friends, I just got back from the Regional Assembly for our local denominational body, The Christian Church in North Carolina. Truly inspiring to be part of such a diverse Region, racially, culturally, theologically. One process I was a part of was discerning and imagining who we are as a Region, and what our communities should be about, together, as we make these faith journeys together, across North Carolina and Upstate South Carolina.


The bulk of our time together for this Saturday’s Gathering is going to be a similar exercise, that I need you all to be a part of. So join us if you can, 6:30 PM at Zoe’s Coffee House in Gastonia. RSVP at the Facebook Event page, and get ready to prayerfully discuss together with us:

-where have we been together over these past four years?
-who, what, is Open Hearts Gathering, for you?, in general?
-what has OHG been, and meant, for you over these years?
-what can, should, OHG be about into the future?


Good questions to think about until Saturday. So be ready to contribute, or if you can’t be there, please fill me in on your thoughts before we meet. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you there!

-Rev. -DTF

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