Talking Nonviolence this Saturday

Campaign Nonviolence

My friends,

We do want to talk Saturday about how to get involved with Campaign Nonviolence through Pace e Bene, as individuals and as a community. So please be prepared to discuss. Even if you can’t be there, please let us know what you think:
-is this something we should offer to everyone, to sign on to individually?
-is this something we should endorse as an organization?
-is this a campaign we should try to get involved with further- put the word out about the campaign to other communities, organize a local action, and/or get connected with other local actions that might be taking place?

DPF Dove

We’ll talk Saturday (see all the details for the Gathering at the Facebook event page for it), or you could send us your thoughts in other forms- email, Facebook, whatever works best. Thanks for chiming in about this important, creative, and Peace-full endeavor!

Pax, as always,

-Rev. -DTF

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