Exploring Jung, and upcoming Gatherings

We gave ourselves the gift of Carl Jung at our January 18 Gathering. Good stuff, exploring some of his more finer concepts….


Dream Analysis, Word Association, and Talk Therapy….


Psychological Types (Introvert/Extrovert (a la Myers-Briggs)), Individuation, Persona and the Shadow Self….


Collective Unconscious, Archetypes, Anima/Animus, and Synchronicity….


It was a good time, as we got to learn from Saint Carl all the connections he sees between us and all human beings, the spiritual depths in which he perceived the deep connections between the way we think and the grander processes the Universe. Carl’s Vision is a valuable one for any modern mind to discover. Thanks to all of you that were able to participate!

So we have a couple more Gatherings coming up soon, please come be a part of them if you can!

February 1- Exploring further the meaning of Being Salt in the world, as Jesus describes us (a la Christian Scriptures, Matthew 5:13).

February 15- Reading together a few chapters of “My Neighbor’s Faith”, a great collection of very personal stories, by scholars and authors, of their own interfaith encounters. I’ll be handing out copies of the chapters this Saturday, so you have them to read ahead of time. Let me know if you need copies, I’ll mail them to you before the 15th.

So we look forward to seeing you there! Blessings until then!

-Rev. -DTF

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