Pics. from last Gathering, and info. for this Saturday’s

Hey friends, we had a blast on December 7 at our last Gathering! Here’s some photo highlights:

OHG 12-7 #1

Old Friends Anthony (center) and his wife Toni came over, and New Friend Holly (right) was there as well! Woo hoo!

OHG 12-7 #2

Old Friend Jack surprised Dennis (two on left), Dennis was overjoyed!

OHG 12-7 #3

Do you like Jeremy’s birthday cake?….

OHG 12-7 #4

He sure did! We surprised him, too- Happy Birthday, Jeremy!


Please join us this Saturday if you can for some more fun. All the info.’s at our Facebook Event page. RSVP there, as we celebrate God With Us, during the close of this Advent season and the opening of the Christmas season Tuesday evening. Thanks, we look forward to seeing you there!


-Rev. -DTF

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