Saturday’s OHG- a lil’ bit o’ everything again!

Yes friends, we’ll be goin’ over a lil’ bit of things we wanted to do last time, and pick up on since we couldn’t at the last Gathering. I hope you can make it!

Buddhist Wheel

Our Buddhist friend ended up not being able to join us last time, to share her own faith (in the Nichiren/Soka Gokkai tradition), so she will be with us this Saturday instead.

Rainbow Peace Sign

Our celebration of Pride Month continues, with more narrations of LGBT Faith leaders that have paved the way for gay rights in religious communities and beyond. We’ll also have a friend from QNotes with us, to share about what’s happening in the fight for LGBT equality, in Charlotte and around the state of North Carolina.

So, RSVP when you can at the Facebook event page, and join in the fun! Thanks!


-Rev. -DTF

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