Minister shuffle!

Hey friends, I just wanted to make sure that everyone took note of the “Minister shuffle” we’ve made this year at OHG. Since I’ve moved to Asheville, I’ve wanted to reflect how our community has changed with me not at the center of everything anymore. Steve and Jeremy have stepped up to help guide our community in some substantial ways, so we needed to make a change to how we identified ourselves.

We thought “The Triumvirate” would be a bit much! And it really didn’t work out that well for Julius Caesar, Octavian et. al., anyway….so we’ve decided that we three will be the Leading Ministers for OHG at this point. This shouldn’t take away from the reality that EVERYONE at OHG is a Minister, called by God to be an essential part of this community. But it does reflect the Journey that Steve and Jeremy and I are all taking- into formal Ministry status with The Disciples of Christ.

So look for all three of us at the forefront of OHG goings-on, and contact us as needed. Thanks!

-Rev. DTF

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