Next OHG- Celebrating Samhain, exploring Death and Loss

OK, friends, we’re all set for Saturday’s Gathering- 6:30 PM at Steve’s house. Call Steve or me if you need more info. or further directions to his casa.
Ellen shared a bit about how she celebrates Samhain in her own Wiccan tradition back in 2010, we’ll recall some of that, as well as contextualize it for our own community. Find out more basic info. on the history of this holiday in pre-Christian European religions traditions here and here.
One of the big themes of Samhain is the remembrance of the dead, honoring them, and recognizing the place of Death in our Journey of Life. So I’d like you all to prepare for some things for Saturday, that will add lots o’ power and meaning to our Gathering:
-bring pictures and mementos of Loved ones that have died, and be ready to talk about their importance in your own life;
-bring stories of Death and Loss in your own life (divorce, separation from ones you Love, and other Pain-full experiences you’ve had), experiences that have had a great impact on your own Life Journey. This is the season of Darkness and Silence, and we must honor their place in this Reality. As with the warmer seasons giving way to colder, these Deaths always lead to transformations that, in their own strange way, transform us for the better. Sharing our own stories is a way I’d like to honor this.
Oh yeah, feel free to dress up, too! Definitely part of this holiday, delightful and creative transformations of our outward self….making fun of Death….dressing up like other people to celebrate the chaos and disorder entering into this part of the planet as the seasons change. RSVP at our Facebook Event page when you get a chance. And as needed, feel free to contact me. Thanks, see you soon!

-Pastor -D

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