OHG June 16- the practice of Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient spiritual discipline rooted in Taoist and other ancient Chinese religion, theology, philosophy, and health science. We will practice some Tai Chi together at our next Open Hearts Gathering – 6:30 PM on Saturday, June 16, within our friend’s spaces at New Hope Baptist Church, at 2024 Redbud Rd. in Gastonia (on the corner of Redbud and S. New Hope Rd.). You can see a sample video here that we’ll use.

One seeks to center the Chi within themselves- the Sacred Energy within oneself, and all the universe- when practicing Tai Chi. As a Christian, I find it a very meaningful way to center myself in a mindfulness of God, Who lives within me and all creation. I hope you all find it helpful, too! Join us on the 16th to find out, and RSVP at our Facebook event page for it. Thanks, we’ll see ya there!


-Pastor -D

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