John 17 Mysticism

We didn’t get to share much of the Sunday readings for The Ascension of The Lord at our Gathering on the 19th, and none from The Seventh Sunday of Easter. So, I thought I’d make some time here to reflect on the Gospel reading from the Seventh Sunday, since I see the whole of John 17 as so foundational to my own theology and spirituality. May be true for you, too…..

The convolution of Jesus with the [Mother] is a constant source of Truth for us Christians. We feebly attempt to explain this connection in much of our Trinitarian theologies, much to the confusion of most! What this Truth really gets to at the core is that God is Relationship. She is in perpetual relationship with Jesus, and in turn with all of creation (kosmos in Greek). This relationship is the heart of Jesus’ Priestly Prayer here in John 17. He is asking God to give everything to his disciples that God has given to him. That’s everything! The Oneness of the Son with God is the Oneness we have with God. And not just us as disciples, but all people, all creation, all things in the heavens and the earth, all things throughout the universe.

I have Teilhard de Chardin to thank for guiding me into seeing this Truth alive in the scriptures, in our Christian traditions, and in turn all human religious and spiritual traditions. We use a lot of different language, theology, and philosophy to explain it, but the John 17 Mysticism makes its way through even the clumsiest of formulas. God is Relationship within Herself, and Jesus reveals this relationship to all the world. Now it’s our turn to do the same, in what we do, see, say, and proclaim.

I experience this Oneness every chance I can get- struggling to live as Jesus lived every day I’m still alive, breathing in deeply the stuff of the universe around me, sitting in meditative prayer (Centering or otherwise!), living and working in relationship with other human beings, listening to the songs of the universe all around me- the birds of the air, the wind, the rain, the dance of the stars across the night. John 17 Mysticism becomes Real if and when I open my eyes to it. How ’bout for you?


  1. How you can clearly read John 17, read Jesus clearly calling the “Father” “He” in the masculine noun and then call God “She” is beyond me. Then, how you can say you don’t believe the Bible, yet use it to proclaim “truth” is also beyond me. Why in this world would you read ANYTHING at all that you believe to be fiction and call it truth? How about the Wizard of Oz or The Lord of the Rings? And don’t tell me that you believe parts of it to be true….it is either ALL true or ALL false…black or white….no gray area!

    ANY religion that does not preach that Jesus is the Son of God and that there is NO way to the FATHER except through Jesus is NOT Christianity. No way at all! Call is whatever you want….but it is most certainly not Christianity. You certainly have the right to worship any God, or follow any religion you choose! Why blaspheme the name of the One God and the Christian religion in doing so? Call it Universalism!!! That is what it IS!!!

    You may be thinking that I am frustrated. Yes, I am frustrated when the name of the One true God is profaned! Very frustrated!

    AND…this is no hate speech….this is LOVE in TRUTH!
    I will be earnestly praying that God will peel the scales from your eyes to see that truth in Him alone!

  2. Oh Dear Me!!! How in this world can you logically read John 17…read Jesus clearly calling God “Father” and then turn it into “Mother” baffles me! Please tell me why you think God is female! Please give a scripture reference for your reasoning.

    Now…to the core of the issue. If you do not believe the Bible (which you stated to Jennifer in other posts), why do you use it to teach your “truth”?
    Why would you use any work that you believe to be fiction and call it truth? Why not use the Wizard of Oz or Lord of the Rings? Those can also both teach moral lessons, why not use those? Your answer may be that you believe parts of the Bible, or that you choose to follow what Christ stood for….yet that is a shallow answer. The Bible is either all true of all false not gray area Dennis!

    ANY religion that preaches anything other than that Jesus is the Son of God and that He alone is the ONLY way to the FATHER….is not Christianity. Call is whatever you may, you certainly have the right to do so ~ but don’t blaspheme the name of the ONE true God in doing so!

    Sure, you are thinking that I am clearly frustrated….I most certainly am! I can not merely watch idly as the name of God is blasphemed!


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