Next OHG- June 2, with our Sikh neighbors, and continued discussion about Our Future Together

My friends, we will gather again on Saturday, June 2, to share food and fellowship with some of our Sikh neighbors.

Sikhism is the fifth largest religion in the world, focused on the one God of all people and all creation.

We wanted to have this conversation earlier in the year but had to cancel it. Now’s our chance to pick up with some very spiritual neighbors, please join us if you can! 6:30 PM on June 2, within the blessed dwelling of New Hope Baptist Church‘s facilities, at 2024 Redbud Rd. in Gastonia (on the corner of Redbud and S. New Hope Rd.).

We’ll also pick up on the conversation we started May 19 about OHG’s future. Please bring your own prayer-full insights, as God continues to speak through all of us, so we need to hear what She’s got to say to you!

RSVP at our Facebook event page for this Gathering when you can make the time. Thanks, see you all soon!

-Pastor -D

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