WE DO campaign for marriage rights, and gettin’ out the vote against Amendment One

I feel so completely blessed to be a part of the WE DO campaign next month in Asheville, as a religious leader providing spiritual support. The most courageous people in the world will be asking the most simple thing of their government- justice, in the realm of this legal contract called a marriage license, which should be open to any two people that want to obtain it, regardless of sex or gender. There have been a couple waves of this in North and South Carolina recently, and the next round is set for May. Couples across North Carolina will walk into their county offices that grant marriage licenses, and apply for one, as any couple in the state should be able to do. Not too long ago, people of different races couldn’t do this together. That’s no longer the case (no thanks to our state, it took a Supreme Court decision in 1967 to overturn NC’s laws prohibiting interracial marriage!). It should be for a couple of the same sex, and the only way it will become a reality is if we demand it.
Watch this powerful video that the WE DO campaign put out, and find out more details at Campaign for Southern Equality. There might be an action near you that you can get involved with!

Early voting has begun in North Carolina, and the day of voting in local precincts is Tuesday, May 8. Please get out and vote NO on Amendment One, the only amendment initiative on the ballot. This so-called “Marriage Amendment” does nothing good or protective for any marriage, and will actually nullify thousands of marriages and civil unions already obtained by gay couples and others from other states, setting the stage for all kinds of other legal disasters for our state. If you need more info., please visit The Coalition to Protect North Carolina Families’ site, and find out how and where you can vote early at your county Board of Elections office (state directory here). Also, RSVP for your participation at the Facebook event page we’ve created for voting this time around. Amendment One is bad news for all North Carolinians, help take a stand for God’s Justice in a very easy way!
Thanks for your prayers and help in these crucial times!


-Pastor -D

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