Next Gathering- Saturday, May 5, celebrating Pluralism Sunday and observing a Rachel Sabbath

We at Open Hearts Gathering take great pride on being and becoming as interfaith as we can, since we all, already, are, interfaith, no matter what religion(s) we identify with. In that Spirit, we will celebrate Pluralism Sunday with communities around the world the next time we gather- Saturday, May 5, 6:30 PM, within the loving arms of at New Hope Baptist Church‘s facilities, at 2024 Redbud Rd. in Gastonia (on the corner of Redbud and S. New Hope Rd.). More info. about this event, plus a listing of communities around the world that will be participating with us, here.

Mothers’ Day is May 13, so as we did last year, we’ll be connected to The Religious Institute across the miles and observe a Rachel Sabbath with them. The Rachel Sabbath helps us to understand the gift of motherhood, and the ways that we can help women take care of themselves and their children better. From the website:
“More than 350,000 women and girls die every year as a result of preventable complications of pregnancy and childbirth, most of them in developing countries. Improving maternal health and universal access to family planning could prevent up to one third of these deaths.”
Find out more about what you can do to help, at our Gathering, and at the website.
RSVP at our Facebook event page, and contact me if you need any other information. Thanks, friends, I look forward to seeing you there!


-Pastor -D

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