Next Open Hearts Gathering – November 7

We’ll meet again on Sunday, November 7, meditate on some good tunes by an Orthodox Jewish reggae/hip-hop master, Matisyahu, on this Sunday’s scriptures, and have a discussion with some friends about Gnostic expressions- of Christianity, Judaism, Hermeticism- you name it, we’ll discuss it! Our guests for this meeting have offered some websites – here and here and here – that give us some good background on the kinds of Gnostic expressions we’ll focus on.

Our offering will be for the Salvation Army. They’re gearin’ up to do lots of good for the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, we should be in on helping with that. Make checks out to Salvation Army, and bring it with you on the 7th.
Oh yea- we’ll eat, too! Let us know here, or at the FB page, what kind of Mexican dish you can bring. Thanks! See ya then!

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