Pics. from Feb. 18 OHG

Just thought it was time for some visual updates of the people involved at Open Hearts Gathering:

MMMM! Andie and Joey made some Kings Cake, as we celebrated our exit from Epiphany and entry into Lent. Thank you friends!

If you’re interested in more about the Race to the Ballot signup form under the plate, here ya go.

Anna and Hannah take over the service of Eucharist! Thanks, girls!

We lay hands on Ellen, and send her off on her journey back to Arkansas, to hopefully find work. We pray to the goddesses important in Ellen’s life- Artemis, Beset, and Morgana- to abide with her, keep her safe, and bring her good fortune in her endeavors. Blessed Be, Ellen, we’ll miss you!

Thanks to everyone who came last Saturday, and added to the great Spirit of the Gathering! We’ll see you all again soon!

-Pastor -D

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