OHG field trip to see “The Birth” in Charlotte Dec. 18

The Birth is a play based on the preaching and writing of one of the best white American Protestant preachers of the 20th century, Frederick Buechner (the videos of him at this website are worth watching, especially of you’ve never heard or read him).

We’re lookin’ to go on Sunday, December 18, to the 4 PM show, and have dinner after. With tickets and dinner, it should cost around $40-50 per person. We also plan on gettin’ a sitter or two to watch our lovely children at Becky & Steve’s house.
We don’t want the cost to be a hindrance to anyone’s participation, so if you wanna go but need help paying for everything, please let me know, and we’ll help. Either way, please let me know by this coming Sunday, if you wanna join us, and we’ll order tickets then. Thanks!


-Pastor -D

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