News coverage of today’s Peace Walk- join us November 21 for more!

News 14 Carolina and The Gaston Gazette both came out today to cover the Peace Walk. Stories and videos are in several places- News 14 today, The Gazette yesterday, and then today (with video). Big thank you’s go out to McKinsey Harris of News 14, and to Amanda Memrick, Wade Allen, and Mike Hendsill of The Gazette, for continuing to be such a great community resource for our area, and helping to get the word out about the “good news” going on in Gastonia!

We’re you able to be at the Walk today? Or not? Interested in being a part of MORE? Consider joining us in a couple weeks for the next event, an Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Monday, November 21, 7 PM, at First United Methodist Church in Gastonia (two days after our next Open Hearts Gathering). Sign up to attend at the event’s Facebook page, and contact me if you need directions, more info., etc. Thanks, we look forward to seeing you all there!
-Pastor -D

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