Next OHG- November 19!

Hey friends! I hope to see you all at our next Open Hearts Gathering, Saturday, November 19, 6 PM, at our favorite house, the Knights’! Make sure to let us know whether you’re coming or not at the Facebook event page . Please bring some seasonal snacks to share- Halloween leftovers, a preview of Thanksgiving gluttony, whatever smells best!

We’ll ponder more the mysteries of Christian Eucharist, remember in Vigil those who have died because of their gender identity, and check in on the SOA Watch Vigil and demonstration taking place this same weekend.

We’ll have another special guest with us, someone from the national offices of the United Church of Christ , that wants to observe how we learn from each other in this faith journey we’re taking together. Like rats in a lab!, but I promise not to shave any of you bald….
I look forward to seeing all of you there!


Pastor -D

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