Next SPOOKY Gathering – October 17

Sunday, October 17, 5 PM at Becky & Steve’s house.  We’re going to explore the deep traditions connected with this time of year, Celtic/Wiccan/Christian – Samhain (Summer’s End), All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’/All Souls’, Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), etc.  We’ll start by wearing our best Halloween costume- if you have one, wear it!  I hope to have my Yo Gabba Gabba! DJ Lance outfit by then, so look for the big fat orange guy, that’ll be me!
We’ll also celebrate by remembering those who have died, so please bring pictures of loved ones that have passed on to the world of the Spirits.  We’ll churn up some special spells, memories, and prayers for them.  Please also bring something to eat that’s a Halloween color- black, brown, orange, or yellow, or something close to it!  If you can, let us know at the Facebook page for OHG what you plan on bringing.

I Love you all, and I’ll see you then!

-Pastor Dennis

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