The “within-ness” of God, part 2- De Trinitatis

So I’m still meditating on the meaning of God within us, within all things in this created order. God invades every particle and every moment of this universe, and This Truth carries across into all kinds of religions, all kinds of concepts. Fana in Islam; Sunyata in Buddhism; atman is Brahman in Hinduism; Shekinah in Judaism. Trinity in Christianity. Yea, that’s right, I said it, Trinity. This ancient dogma may not seem to yield such mystic insight, but it’s worth re-discovering that it actually does.

What Trinity reveals is that God is relationship with Herself- Mother, Son, and Blessed Spirit, that crave to be within each other, and also within all things. Jesus articulates this desire in many biblical passages- like John 17:20-24 (Jesus within us and within God, Jesus praying that God give everything Jesus received to us as well- which is everything!), and also John 8:12 & Matthew 5:14, within which Jesus identifies himself as The Light, and then us as The Light as well. We become Light with and through God, Light that is dually dynamic. Just as Light can be both wave and particle (teetering off into quantum mechanics here….), we can be both ourselves and God, and God can be both God and us.

God is within us and we are within God. We can tap into God all the time. Do yourself a favor, sit down, take a deep breath, and enter into This Truth within yourself. God depends on us to do this, as this is when She becomes Most Real in this universe, right where we are.

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