Another victory for rights for ALL people- celebrate, and get involved!

Leglalizing gay marriage is just one step towards equality for all people in our country- gay, straight, and everyone else in between. But this step just took one cascading slide towards a just conclusion with New York’s legislation. Great stories abound concerning this victory, start your own reading here, and here. While a lot of people need to be thanked for making this happen, I recommend to all of you that you thank some people in particular:
-NY Governor Anthony Cuomo who signed the bill into law- you can contact him here, however it’s most convenient for you.
-The four Republican state Senators who broke ranks with their fascist leadership, and defied fanatical right-wing opponents to this legislation. They might not get re-elected, so their courage is even more exemplary. Please contact them however you can and thank them for this:
Stephen Saland, District 41 (Poughkeepsie)
Roy McDonald, District 43 (Stillwater) (my favorite, as he now famously said before his vote “f— it, I don’t care what you think. I’m trying to do the right thing”!
James Alesi, District 55 (East Rochester)
Mark Grisanti, District 60 (North Buffalo)
Without them, we wouldn’t be celebrating.
God is certainly good! It was hard work gettin’ here, and it will be hard work as we move on. Help us however you can!
-Pastor -D

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