Planned Parenthood needs our help!

The NC Legislature passed our new state budget this week, sadly cutting all funding to Planned Parenthood. The pathetic reasoning doesn’t even make sense, because any abortion services any Planned Parenthood center provides (less than 5% of their total services to people, by the way, a very minor component to all the good things they do) is supported separately by private donations, not by any public funding of any kind. There are too many places in our state, and in our country, where Planned Parenthood is the ONLY place close to providing sound, comprehensive reproductive information and services for people, some of the poorest and most vulnerable of our neighbors. You can read more about this foolish decision here. I strongly suggest you all consider making a donation to our local NC Planned Parenthood centers, either at Planned Parenthood Health Systems in Raleigh, or Planned Parenthood of Central North Carolina in Chapel Hill. It may be a long time before we publicly support PP again, so they’re gonna rely on us individually in the meantime. Please help if you can!
-Pastor -D

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