Next OHG- July 5

We have Picnic Shelter 1 reserved at Dallas Park (formerly Biggerstaff….) for Tuesday, July 5. We’ll start out there at 4 PM, and we can eat at 5 or 6 PM, whenever everyone can get out there. Please bring picnic food- anything that’s your favorite, that you can cookout while we’re there or prepare ahead of time. The playground, restrooms, and tennis courts (!I’ll bring all my rackets, and school anyone that dares to play me!) are near this Picnic Shelter. Please also bring frisbees, footballs, etc., to play with as well.
We can be at the Park until 9:30 PM, so we’ll have some worship time after dinner, and hang-out time after that if people so desire.
I’d like to try to get us all together at the end of July, too, so look for details coming up soon on sumthin’ to do the last week of July. And contact me as needed about anything else- here, or at the OHG website. Thanks! -Pastor D


  1. should we bring any sun tan lotions bc i know its gonna be fun and hot at the same time pastor D?
    n thanks for allowing me to be a part of yalls communitiy

    • Bring whatever you need for a fun day! We’ll see ya there!

      -Pastor D


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