The “within-ness” of God (or is it GOB?….)

I’ve been meditating more and more on the “within-ness” of God this past year, as This New Thing has begun called Open Hearts Gathering under our feet. This Ancient Truth precedes and transcends all religions and religious concepts, but I’ve found these meditations fit well into some meager human attempts to describe God’s Presence Among Us: Martin Buber’s “I-Thou” framework works well; so does Paul Tillich’s “Ground of Being” (hey, GOB, instead of GOD, let’s switch over to that!). However it’s articulated, it’s become abundantly true that whatever we’re gonna say about Her, God is only as real as the Way(z) He becomes present in our world and in our lives.

So here’s what I exhort you all to make time for in your lives: LOOK for this Within-ness of GOB wherever you are:
-in the eyes of children around you- these easiest catalysts of Joy;

-in the faces of those you see around you, from all walks of life, that Love and honor you daily;

-in the very trees whose breaths we breathe;

in all the universe, whose expanse we’ve only just begun to feebly attempt to understand.

May this Within-ness of GOB become a Thou-connection to God’s Thou, a ground on which your own being can stand, an Ocean of Light for your Heart, as It’s begun to become for me.
I Love you all!
-Pastor D

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