Summer insight at the Oratory, Rock Hill, SC- go if you can!

I absolutely Love the Oratory in Rock Hill, SC! As a Catholic-bred Disciple, I’ve had wonderful experiences with this religious order. They know how to help guide others towards enlightenment. They do this very well every summer with two annual learning series:

Visions in Faith, Sunday, June 19, through Wednesday, June 22. Father Richard Sparks, C.S.P., a Paulist priest, will speak on Christian Morality in the 21st Century: “Timeless Values, Changing Circumstances”. Registration here.

Summer Bible Institute, Sunday, July 10, through Friday, July 15. Dr. Peter Judge from Winthrop will speak on “Gospels You Won’t Find in the New Testament” (the wild & wonderful Apocryphal Gospels like Thomas, Mary, and Judas!), and Dr. Tim Carmody will speak on “The Call of Discipleship in the Gospel of Mark”. Registration here.
You can arrange to stay at the Oratory during these workshops, or just commute from home. I can’t recommend these experiences any stronger! I won’t be able to go to either, but will be very jealous when you get to! Enjoy!

-Pastor D

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