Next Gathering- Saturday, June 4, Justice Kitchen style!

OK my friends, we’ve got ourselves set for our next Open Hearts Gathering- Saturday, June 4, at Steve & Becky’s house. Contact me if you need directions- teallfleming [at] yahoo [dot] com, or my cell phone, 704-674-0729, talk or text. We’re gonna organize our dinner as a “Justice Kitchen” event, so we’ll begin at 5 PM, an hour earlier than most other Gatherings we’ve had. Make sure you can be there that early, you don’t wanna miss this! Becky & Steve will be in touch with all the details.

We will celebrate Jesus’ Ascension on the 4th, as well as talk more about our discernments at the Mountain this past May 7. Please join us if you can- it’s not the same without you!

God’s Peace,

Pastor -D

(if you have to ask what’s in my rattlesnake mug, well, then, you don’t really wanna know!)

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