The meaning of Resurrection on this Pascha

Way too much of Western Christianity, and in turn American Christianity, is too focused on just Jesus’ Crucifixion

on what Jesus’ passion and death mean, and usually just what they mean for certain human beings that believe things about Jesus in a certain and systematic way.

So this means that almost every other Christian, and ALL of the rest of humanity, this planet, and the rest of the universe, are “left behind”….man, this is obviously a tremendously narrowminded way to understand the meaning of Jesus’ passion and death. You see, no matter what they mean in any certain and systematic way, it ALL has nothing to do with anything if not connected to Jesus’ Resurrection

and in turn the meaning of Resurrection for all the kosmos, because Pascha has taken place, and because Resurrection has always been taking place, before Pascha, during Pascha, and after Pascha. Pascha, by the way, is the ancient Greek and subsequent Latin name for this central celebration in the Christian traditions. “Easter” comes from the ancient English-Anglo-Saxon month named for Ostara/Hausos/Freyja, the Germanic/English Spring-ish Dawn-ish goddess associated with such a season as Spring and such a time of day as Dawn.

Pascha is associated with the Jewish holiday of Pesach, or Passover, and so I’ll use this more ancient name for this Christian holy day that we begin to celebrate tonight at sunset.

One of the most ancient images used for Resurrection is the butterfly. As Jesus left his tomb empty, raised to new life by God, so the caterpillar leaves his/her cocoon empty, raised to new life by this same God. Jesus’ passion and death mean nothing if there is no Resurrection, and Jesus’ Resurrection by God means nothing if it’s not extended to all the kosmos- not just human beings, but all the “world”- which is not just this world, this planet, but all of God’s creation, “the heavens and the earth”, all of the universe. Resurrection is enacted by God through Jesus in the first century CE, but has also always been taking place. To focus and fetish on this one Resurrection at one point in time dilutes and discredits what Jesus’ Resurrection was genuinely about- which was, and is, and will be the Resurrection that God enacts in every part of the universe, everywhere and every time, throughout every single moment of creation.

Paul expresses this reality very well in his letters, most notably in Romans 8, 1 Corinthians 15, Philippians 2 and Colossians 1, in which he uses all kinds of universal imagery to describe Resurrection. What has happened through Jesus has happened, still happens, and will continue to happen, throughout the universe- in every human being; in every seedgrain; in every animal, bird, and fish; in every sun, moon, and star; in every part of God’s creation- and will happen in the Culmination of all Things, called the Eschaton in the ancient Church. In other words, Jesus’ life, passion, death and Resurrection have as much significance for the Carina Nebula as they do for me. Otherwise, what Jesus went through means nothing.

What Jesus went through in his life, passion, death and Resurrection has tremendous significance for me. And for all the Universe. Ostara has brought the Dawn, and Pascha frees every thing from their own dark tombs. Just as the Sun comes up every day, just as New Life is brought onto this part of the earth every Spring, so God has brought New Life to all things in Resurrection.
Make sure to thank Her for that, especially when you see a Butterfly.
Blessings of Pascha to everyone, and every thing! I Love you all!

-Pastor D

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