January 29 – Deep fried food and the Enneagram!

We’re gonna meet again next Saturday, January 29, at 6 PM. If you want directions to Becky & Steve’s house, lemme know! The menu will be deep fried!, so bring your best fried food creation. We will begin to explore the Enneagram as well, an anicent vehicle for spiritual maturity.

Please take the Enneagram test if you’re coming. When you take this test, please mark one of the two statements as quickly as possible. Don’t think much about your answers. Even when you get to two statements that you feel could both apply to you, just pick the first one you think is more close to who you are. There are enough double statements here to get a beginner’s idea about the energies in which you’re centered, so take the test and print out your results for the 29th.
And contact me ahead of time as needed. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you all!

-Pastor D


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