The word for this Saturday is- Chili!

And the weather might be, too! Please join us Saturday, 6 PM, for our next Open Hearts Gathering. If you need directions, just let me know. We’ll have Chili for dinner, so make your best batch!
This Sunday is the celebration of The Baptism of the Lord, so our scripture readings reflect this theme. We’ll also begin with a meditation from Bono’s wonderful speech at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast, published in book form as “On The Move”. So, in that spirit, the One Campaign will be our offering this Saturday. Go to the website yourself, before or after we meet, and make a prayer with your wallet, however you feel so called.
We’ll be exploring more about our own spiritual identities and journeys, and will start this Saturday with an introduction to the Myers-Briggs Personality typing. Inspired by Carl Jung’s philosophy and hammered out by two of the Great Ones, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter, Isabel Briggs Myers. There’s a basic, free test you can take at, at which they ask you to register at the end. If you don’t wanna do that, just print up everything off the first page and bring it with you. Becky and I have gotten pretty proficient over the years using MBTI, my hope is that we can guide you all through it. But I’m just an arrogant INTJ, so we’ll see!
If we can make the time, we’ll also start the first session of the “Saving Jesus” series from Living the Questions. Jesus needs saving these days, from fundamentalist and uber-conservative Christians that think they know him best! We’ll find out exactly how they DON’T….and that we might know him a little better! So if we can make time, we’ll start using this Saturday, but if not we’ll try to get to it on January 29 when we meet again.
If you need anything else from me before Saturday, just let me know. Thanks, I look forward to seeing you all then!

-Pastor D


  1. Obviously you are a pastor and I would have thought you read the Bible. The NC law comes directly from the Bible ( A marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN)….gay marriage is wrong and you are wrong about trying to stay with the sector world and please everyone instead of preaching The Word.

  2. Benjy, I’m assuming you’re responding to my column in the Gaston Gazette today ( I don’t know why you left your comment at this post, since it seems to have nothing to do with your subject matter, but I’ll respond to it here anyway.
    First of all, I have read the Bible. I just started my 11th time through. I teach Old and New Testament at Gaston College. And I have to tell you that nowhere in the Bible does it say that marriage is between a man and a woman. Most people who are married in the Bible are in polygamous relationships- a man married to two or more women. So your assumption has no basis in the biblical text.
    Secondly, our state laws are not and should not come directly from the Bible. Our public laws come from reasoned discernment about how best to execute and enforce the rule of law in our society. On the issue of marriage, then, no religious or biblical entity has ever signed off on what is a valid and legal marriage. That has always been determined by the two people entering into this legal contract the state calls a marriage license. That’s my point in the Gazette article- that, since Loving v. Virginia in 1967 overturned discriminatory laws preventing any two people from entering into this contract on their own volition based on their race, any state marriage law that discriminates based on sex and/or gender must be and will be overturned. It’s not up to any religious or faith community to decide what is a valid, licit, or legal marriage.
    I’m sorry if it bothers you that I preach the Word, but I do, especially in the words I choose to use publicly (I’m assuming the “sector world” you refer to above is supposed to be the “secular world”). The secular is the world, there is no difference, and I witness to my faith in Jesus Christ in this, the only world I currently live in. Here I stand, I can do nothing else. God Loves all human beings, even if they’re gay. Gay marriage is not wrong, and in fact can be just as genuine an expression of God’s Love in the world as any other marriage between straight people.
    If you would want to talk further about these issues, you can certainly contact me and we can continue to have a dialogue. I have many family, friends, and colleagues who feel the way you seem to, and I have no problem being in relationship with people that disagree with me on such issues. Just let me know. Thanks!


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