Why I evangelize YOU (pretty selfish reasons….)

You see, I am an Evangelist. I am violently concerned about preaching the Gospel, and building this thing called Kin(g)dom that my Lord and Savior and Lover and Soul-brutha Jesus proclaimed. I am very concerned with doing this to/with/for/alongside YOU. YOU are my mission territory. If I’ve asked you to come to Open Hearts Gathering, and be a part of these wild & woolly & wonderful things we’re trying to give birth to here in lil’ ol’ Gastonia, it’s for pretty selfish reasons.
It’s not to make you a Christian.
It’s not to sign you up as a member of our church.
And it’s certainly not to save your soul (whatever this Thing We Call Soul is), or get you into Heaven (whatever the Hell that is).
It’s because I can’t be a Christian my Self without you.
It’s because I want to be a member of the human race in partnership with you (we don’t even have a membership list for our church, so that’s out of the question!).
And most importantly, it’s because you help to save my own soul (whatever this Thing We Call Soul is), and it’s because you help me to get into Heaven- which is right here in front of us, a Hell of time right here in this life, in this world, on this planet.
YOU have been and are a part of This Divine Mystery That Infects Every Particle Of The Universe (Let’s call Her TDMTIEPOTU) that contributes to my salvation/healing (in Greek- soteria). Without you I can do nothing. Without you this G*d can never be As Real in my life as She is with you.
So please, know this is why I evangelize you. This is why my mission territory is you. This is why I will preach the Gospel to/with/for/alongside you. Because in doing this I work out my own soteria/salvation/healing with fear and trembling.
Thank you so much for letting me use you, for pretty selfish reasons….
-Pastor D

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