I’m thankful today for Open Hearts Gathering

One thing I am truly thankful for this year is my new church family. I never thought God would actually do it! But She did. I knew being called to ordained ministry would not be easy, as I knew what kind of ordained ministry God would be calling me to. It will be an ordained mission of Risk, for Great Love of all people, that God calls me to and empowers me for. So I prayed that She would provide me with a faith community that could strengthen and inspire me through this journey. I got Open Hearts Gathering.
I never thought She’d actually do it! But She has. And here we are. I look forward to reminiscing years from now what this time in our lives was like. I look forward to all of the great things we’ll do together as a faith community. And I look forward to all the ways we will strengthen and inspire each other through this journey we take together.
Thank you, to all of you that have been part of the adventure so far. Thank you, my Lord, for Open Hearts Gathering…..

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