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  1. So, in summary, and in rpseonse to your comment:But the bulk of NT teachading is about how to live that recadonadciled life — how we live with Christ as Lord.Yes. But why? Why focus on how to live? Are our lives pleasing to him? Are our acts of good works pleasing to him? Ultimately? I think the answer is a qualified yet, I think God loves and values righteousness and obedience, but I think also part of our living this way, a major part of it, is as a witness to non-believers (as I tried to demonstrate above).This means strivading for a life that imiadtates his — takading up our cross, lovading othaders, showading that his reign is good, not tyrranadiadcal, workading and prayading to see his will done on earth as it is in heaven.Yes. But why? And what is his will? Where do we see his will being done ultimately? In acts of righteousness, or in lives submitted to him? Acts of righteousness not born of faith aren’t worth the breath they are performed with The NT reminds us more often to “rememadber the poor” or to “visit widadows and orphans in their distress”.Yes. But why?


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